• Unscalable support with the need to switch between multiple applications
  • Lack of visibility across teams
The Company

Tervis Tumbler Company is a 73-year-old American drinkware manufacturer of double-walled insulated tumblers. Tervis sells tumblers, sippy cups, wine glasses, mugs, water bottles, and also sells branded drinkware through licensing agreements with all five of the major American sports leagues, nearly all major NCAA colleges and universities, and all branches of the United States Armed Forces.

From Archaic to Agile - A Support Transformation

Tervis had a basic, rigid customer support system that initially met the company’s support needs. However, with product expansion and customer growth, the company struggled to keep pace with the mounting demands of support and customer engagement. Support agents had a hard time juggling between several different applications and screens, trying to resolve a single customer query. The lack of visibility across different teams added to the existing chaos and further delayed ticket resolutions. The existing helpdesk system was ineffective in integrating all the customer channels and tickets into a single platform.

The company’s two core teams that used this helpdesk system were the Support Group (tracking customer order queries) & Returns Group (managing returns, damages and replacements), both of which interacted frequently, and needed to be upgraded to a more intuitive, agile helpdesk software that allowed for seamless communications and a unified customer experience.  

“The business decision of migrating to Freshdesk was a no-brainer for us given the increasing ticket volumes and rigidity of the previous platform. Freshdesk’s agility, intuitive user interface and robust APIs drastically helped us improve customer service and elevated our customer experience. With a 20-member support team that often goes up to 30-35 during peak shopping seasons, we need a scalable, sustainable, and cost-effective system that empowered us to support the demands of our evolving customer base. Freshdesk aligns well with the Tervis customer service philosophy which values and prioritizes customers above everything else”, says Andrew Miller, IT Director, Tervis Tumbler.

Eight months after the implementation of Freshdesk, Tervis Tumbler in a more efficient place with their internal teams as well as their external customers. The integrated helpdesk system has vastly improved ticket resolution, increased customer satisfaction and enriched their support experience. The robust APIs, and intuitive chat interface added a positive dimension to the overall support experience that Tervis offers today.

“We were looking for a cost-effective, robust, performance-driven helpdesk solution and Freshdesk was an obvious choice. As a brand, Tervis takes pride in delighting our customers in every interaction. Freshdesk has empowered us to keep that momentum and deliver timely relevant resolutions to our customers.”

Andrew Miller

IT Director

Tervis Tumbler