Seafood products


Paris, France

  • 3 complicated tools for support
  • Excessive resolution times
  • Multiple channel support
  • Automations
  • Reporting

Tickets per day

50 - 60

Average Response Time

1 day

Average Resolution Time

2 days

The Company

Thai Union Europe is one of the leading ambient seafood businesses in Europe. Since its inception in the year 2006, Thai Union Europe focuses on tuna and added value tuna, but also sells a comprehensive range of salmon, mackerel, sardines, seafood spreads and other seafood products.

Thai Union Europe has over 5,000 employees across 4 production units in France, Ghana, Portugal and Seychelles, and 5 business units in France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands. Their 30-agent customer support team constantly works towards ensuring the company’s reputation as a leader in the global seafood business as recognized by both consumers and stakeholders.

The Problem

Thai Union Europe receives over 600-700 tickets each month and it maintains a dedicated IT support team to help its employees in all their IT needs and questions.

The agents in the support team used 3 complicated tools for ticketing, bug reports and to maintain a database. This not only became confusing for the customer support agents but was also very expensive as they had to pay and maintain three different tools. The poor integration between the tools increased the resolution time and thus affected the efficiency of the customer support agents.

The Solution

The pressure kept building on the customer support team of Thai Union Europe as its efficiency in resolving customer and distributor questions decreased with time. Freshdesk turned out to be the one stop solution they needed to take care of all their support needs from one place.

Romain Deguitre, Service Desk Manager, Thai Union Europe, was surprised by the ease with which they could set up a Freshdesk account and the speed with which the tool went live. The multi-channel support and native integrations helped Thai Union Europe decide its helpdesk.

“Within the first 30 days our helpdesk experienced a revolution!”

Romain Deguitre

Service Desk Manager

Thai Union Europe

The Benefits

Thai Union Europe started to realize considerable differences within the first 30 days of using Freshdesk’s multi-channel support.

Automation became very popular amongst the customer support agents as the team was able to route 30% of its tickets automatically. With Freshdesk, the customer support team of Thai Union Europe was able to solve 50 tickets on an average each day.

A comprehensive knowledge base aided Thai Union Europe to set up solution articles which enables both the customers and the support agents to help themselves.

The detailed reporting feature offered by Freshdesk helps the team locate the pain areas and focus on those areas. This slowly led the team to solve problems at the root-cause level, thus eliminating the issues thoroughly and to focus on their roadmap for the future rather than spending too much time on operational work.