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  • Lack of operational visibility across business functions
  • Restricted collaboration across teams, impacting resolution times
  • Non-standard processes across geographies, resulting in disjointed customer experiences
  • Operational visibility across geographies and functions 
  • Seamless ERP system integrations, operations consolidated onto a single platform
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use UI 
About Westcon-Comstor 

IT distributor Westcon-Comstor brings its technology insight and distribution expertise to help thousands of value-added software and hardware resellers reach their end-customers through a world-class global network. Westcon-Comstor’s unique model of engagement brings together a physical and digital distribution network, an expansive portfolio of services and deep channel relationships.  

Westcom serves as an essential link in the distribution chain, allowing solutions providers to take their offerings to new markets and end-users. By paving the way for digital distribution through its innovative offerings, Westcon-Comstor has built a $3 billion business with over 2000 employees across 70 countries delivering complex solutions for global enterprises.


Working it out with the right platform  

As a global organization, Westcon-Comstor has complex workflows, multiple stakeholders and cross-geographic functions to deal with.  

From inquiries to pricing and sourcing, multiple teams across regions work together to execute orders, manage payments and offer real-time statuses to customers – all while meeting contractual SLA requirements.

Recognizing that they needed a single platform view across functions to empower teams to work faster and more cohesively, Laura Labriola, Director - Transformation Systems, turned to Freshdesk in 2017. Laura explored several other in-house and external tools including ServiceNow. However, Freshdesk’s scalability, intuitive interface, and ease of use won her over.  

Her expectations from Freshdesk were to simplify and standardize workflows, offer a high degree of visibility to her teams and most importantly - help Westcon-Comstor live up the highest standards of service excellence. Laura wanted to take advantage of Freshdesk’s open APIs and out-of-the-box integrations to bring all the tools she needed onto a single platform so that at any given time, she would always know the status of an order.    

“We were looking for a tool that aligned with our business and IT strategies and would give us the most flexibility in the long-run.”

Laura Labriola

Director - Transformation Systems


Connecting the dots with Freshdesk 

The order management process is a perfect example of how Westcon-Comstor uses Freshdesk to fulfill customer as well as vendor expectations.

Laura notes that relationships run deep at Westcon-Comstor. She said, “We don’t go the e-commerce route where orders are placed online. Our customers and account managers have very personal relationships.” Customer interactions and order placements are primarily initiated over email. With multiple teams in play, these orders are fulfilled seamlessly using Freshdesk. 

The order management team collaborates with internal functions like pricing and purchase to execute them with the vendor using an integration with their ERP system. Since all the teams are on the same page with transparency across the process, order processing time has been cut down significantly. With complete ticket history and context, teams are aware of everything from where they stand on deploying a solution to when their invoices are being honored. 

As an SLA-driven organization, Laura leverages Freshdesk’s dashboards and custom reports to keep promises. Laura said, “We deal with large global customers and order sizes with very specific SLA requirements. Freshdesk helps us track where we stand and report back to the customers.” The team is in a position to give accurate updates on orders and manage escalations by calling out roadblocks posed by customers themselves.  


Bringing all hands on deck 

This degree of visibility and efficiency extends across the organization. The Accounts Payable team stays on top of vendor payments by dropping digital invoices from a third-party application into Freshdesk with APIs.  

The Accounts Receivable team tackles customer queries or payment disputes by routing them into Freshdesk to collaborate better with Customer Services. The team deals with credit-blocked tickets by looping in necessary teams with Freshdesk’s parent-child ticketing feature, sharing accountability and working in parallel to save valuable time.  

Customer communication at Westcon-Comstor now works like a well-oiled machine. 

To Laura and Westcon-Comstor, delivering superior value with technology for its network of partners and vendors is the ultimate aim. And it is fitting that it is the right technology platform that helps them achieve it.  

“Freshdesk really drives our business. It allows teams to interface with each other and have visibility into the complete order process.”

Laura Labriola