• Decentralized communication
  • Clunky phone system
  • Complex international calling
  • VR Setup
  • Browser based calling
  • Phone call recording

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The Company

In business since 2002, Wisby is a service company that supports a number of clients in the world of cutting edge telemedicine, eCommerce and mCommerce. With offices in Croydon, India, Australia and New Zealand, the company employs over 300 staff globally and is the fastest growing company in this space. The organization is focused on innovation and using technology to better serve people, and it uses Freshdesk in scale to support customers, while working on plans to go big on collaboration over the next few years.

The Problem

Before Freshdesk, Wisby used Outlook to manage their email conversations and traditional VoIP phones to provide phone support. There were a lot of problems that they faced with this arrangement. They often had to access different computers to follow a single chain of conversation that happened over phone and email, which drained their productivity. Besides, the support team had just one UK number they were using to call patients across the world. Often, the patients would never dial back when they miss calls because of international charges.

Besides, setting up a new call center was a time-consuming process: it often took several days to create a new number in the telephony system they had. Wisby would have to provide in advance details about the regions they want numbers in, their business hours, and they even have to upload greetings in a particular format to have them loaded on the IVR.

The Solution

The team at Wisby started looking for an alternative, modern solution to centralize email and other communication with patients because it was becoming increasingly difficult to find and manage conversations across computers with their existing setup. They tried Zendesk and Kayako but they had some problems with multilingual features on those platforms. One of their partners, a Freshdesk user, recommended they give Freshdesk a try. The Freshdesk team worked with them to guide them through features and in the end, they made the switch.

“We had practically no control before. Even slight changes took 24 hours to be implemented. But now, if we wanted to, we could set up a call center in 15 minutes.”

huzefa motorwala
Huzefa Motorwala


The Benefits

The support team initially started using Freshdesk for dealing with emails, but quickly moved away from their existing VoIP phone system as well, after they saw for themselves the ease with which they were able to set up a call center. Freshdesk was refreshingly different from their previous VoIP system: it took them just a few minutes to set up a new call center here compared to several days of waiting they had to undergo with their old setup.

As long as their agents had Internet access, they could answer calls, listen to recordings and solve problems no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Wisby can also easily reach out to customers worldwide with local numbers via Freshdesk. This way, even if customers miss a call, they can easily call Wisby agents back without having to worry about international calling charges.

Freshdesk’s phone channel also helps Wisby agents be more efficient - having to manually enter the phone number into their old phones had caused a lot of wrong numbers to be dialed. Wisby’s agents love that they can now just copy-paste the number into the dialer and they’re good to go.