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  • Manage client info in one place
  • Multi tools that weren’t scalable
  • Multi-channel
  • Knowledge Base

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About WOW24*7

Wow 24-7 provides outsourcing processes that are quick, individual, and result oriented. The company analyses the market and provides a detailed outline of how to offer a custom service for every customer in their portfolio. A complete outsourcing platform is provided so businesses do not have to worry about planning, execution, and go-live. Services they offer range include telemarketing, virtual receptionist/assistant, B2B calling, knowledge base, among several others.

Multiple tools added to the chaos

For a growing team that is based in Ukraine, having several tools for ticketing and customer relationship management (CRM) during the initial stage was not easy, but somewhat manageable. When you consider the longevity of the business, using multiple tools means you were always going to pay more. For Maya Momotok, CEO at wow 24-7, had to address this challenge as soon as possible. “We had to replace our older products to something that we everyone can use at the same time, more importantly, we can do everything using a single dashboard”, admits Maya.

One ticketing system that did everything

Having SalesForce for CRM, another product to chat with customers visiting the wow 24-7 website, and separate email system system were too much for Maya and her team to handle. “Ticketing and tasking were crucial elements for our business. Managing all client information in one system was the biggest problem we were trying to solve”, says Maya. With this problem in mind, she looked at Zendesk, Kayako, and Freshdesk.

“In order to acquire and retain customers, we needed a scalable platform - which means we needed a unified dashboard to handle requests from new customers, as well as supporting existing customers.”

maya momotok
Maya Momotok



Smooth implementation and an even smoother support experience

Maya goes on to explain, “the main reason why we went with Freshdesk was the ease of use, quick to setup, and affordable costs. Another major factor was Freshdesk was able to solve all the problems we faced, and what was great was, it did it all in one place.” It just didn’t end there. “Freshdesk wasn’t hard to implement, support was offered in plenty, and the team worked quickly and effectively”, reaffirms Maya.

Capture leads quickly with chat

As a business, wow 24-7 uses the built-in chat in Freshdesk extensively. The agents need to be engaging and ensure meaningful conversations are made with every customer. Moreover, chat conversations are converted to helpdesk tickets and agents can save visitor and contact information using Freshdesk for further follow up. Other than chat, “Freshdesk’s multi-channel capabilities is a boon for our business. We also use phone and social channels to be available for our customers, and respond to them in a timely manner”, says Maya.

Road ahead with Freshdesk

Freshdesk is widely used in Maya’s team in Ukraine. With several products in the Freshdesk suite, Maya and her team are also planning on using some of the newer products such as Freshsales and Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging). The goal of wow 24-7 is to offer unparalleled support experience to every customer, with that as an underlying mission, Maya and her team is focused on adopting Freshdesk as a unified technology provider in the areas of helpdesk ticketing, CRM, and converting website visitors into customers. “The multi-product nature of your business provides us options to use some of the new products in the coming months”, concludes Maya.