Test your customer service strategy

Delivering stellar customer service is one of the best ways to differentiate your company from the competition and build long-term customer loyalty. Especially in these trying times, delighting your existing customers with thoughtful, personalized experiences could make or break your business. 
But are you doing all you can to deliver friction-free memorable experiences?

With Freshdesk’s customer service maturity assessment quiz, you can reflect on your current customer service setup and understand how you measure up against industry standards.

Our maturity assessment model is based on industry analysis that spans across:

  • Technology: Is your tech stack setting your team up for success or preventing them from doing their best?
  • Processes: Are there gaps in your processes that you are unaware of? Are you optimizing for maximum efficiency?
  • Customer experience: Do you deliver a personalized and comprehensive experience each time you interact with a customer?

Take this quiz to find answers to these questions and strengthen your support processes, tech-stack, and strategy.

You will also get personalized recommendations on how you can strengthen your existing customer service strategy and progress to the next level. 


Find out your ideal customer service role

Have you ever wondered what the future holds for you in customer service? Do you want to identify your inherent strengths and weaknesses that will eventually pave the path for your ideal customer service role?

It's easy for customer service professionals to get carried away by their daily high-stakes duty of delighting customers. Taking some time for self-introspection and career planning is equally important for personal growth and happiness.

Through a series of fun, engaging, and interactive questions, Freshdesk’s personality quiz identifies your personality traits and maps them to a customer service role that would be an ideal fit for you. Not only does the quiz determine your ideal customer service role, but also provides a customized reading list that will help you progress in your career.