The pandemic divided businesses into two broad sets - those that delivered great customer service experiences, and those that disappointed their customers. Customers have grown more demanding over the last 12 months, and speed of service has become a key differentiator in being able to delight and retain customers in order to drive growth. 


The formula is simple: Faster service leads to improved customer satisfaction which in turn results in revenue growth!




What customers really want

We analyzed 107 million support interactions and speed emerged as the most important factor to create delightful customer experiences. Organizations must be able to reply first and fastest or risk losing business to competition.


Give your customer service a speedy makeover

How customers feel about waiting
What customers do when they're kept waiting
Hear it from the customers themselves

You’re only 5 steps away from improving your service speed!


With this playbook you will learn:
  • How to service more accessible
  • Going ‘automation-first’
  • Why you need proactive support
  • How to empower your agents
  • The need to refresh your metrics

Redefine speed in your customer service strategy


We commissioned a survey report from Forrester Consulting to understand the priorities of global leaders in relation to speed in service. 
Findings from the study  include:
  • Customer service speed and experience impact your revenue
  • Customer service is seen as a cost center despite its strategic importance
  • Near-term investments focus on improving speed and customer service quality

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