How BrewDog gets customer-centric service right in times of uncertainty

About Brewdog

BrewDog is the UK's best selling Craft Brewery that is a recognised leader in all things innovation and creativity, whether that's the craft beers loved across the UK, or the customer service and care provided by its team of dynamic support agents.

What you'll hear in this session

In this video, Emma DeSena, Head of CX at BrewDog and Simon Johnson, General Manager at Freshworks UK will discuss about how despite a year of change, with record numbers of enquiries, the closure of bars and the boom in eCommerce, BrewDog keeps it's community of equity punks informed and engaged. They will also tackle topics such as  topics such as multichannel customer service, and how to use insights, reportings, and automation to drive optimal results.

Watch the video here: