Research has found that 70% of consumers now expect a company’s website to include a self-service application, and 73% prefer to use a company’s website, instead of using social media, SMS and live chat for support.

Upgrade your self-service strategy to provide better remote support

Due to the current pandemic outbreak, most of your customer service processes are going to require a major overhaul. To ensure the burden on your support agents is minimal while they adapt to the new style of working from home, you need to strenghten your self-service resources. In addition to reducing your support team's workload, they will also enable customers to find answers to their questions faster. Users can simply go through your FAQs or interact with your bot without having to get in touch with a human agent.  To help you rethink and upgrade your self-service strategy, we have consolidated a bunch of resources that cover all the necessary basics, along with tips and tricks on how you can scale. 

Self-Service 101

This comprehensive guide covers all things self-service. Right from the basic functionality, to how to implement it systematically, you can find all the required information on setting up your self-service portal. Here's an overview of the different sections in the guide:

  • Why customers love using self-service
  • The essential features of a self-service portal
  • How to set up and organize a self-service portal
Self service upskill Self service upskill

Writing the perfect knowledge base article

Learn all the best practices of writing a knowledge base article. Get interesting insights on how it should be structured to make it user-friendly. The detailed guide covers all of the following:

  • The dos and don'ts of  writing solution articles
  • Making your FAQs easy to access
  • The ultimate checklist to successfully implement your Kbase
Perfect knowledge base article Perfect knowledge base article

Webinar: Making the most of your self-service portal

In this webinar, we cover all the aspects that are essential to make your self-service portal a hit with customers. We also take a look at how companies are leveraging Freshdesk to create their self-service portal, and highlight interesting takeaways from their experiences. The agenda of the webinar includes:

  • Assessing your need for a self-service portal
  • Observations and takeaways from Freshdesk customers
  • How community forums can be incorporated seamlessly in your self-service experience
Making the most of your self-service portal Making the most of your self-service portal

7 mistakes to avoid in your self-service strategy

What qualifies as a bad self-service experience? We take a look at examples of how brands make mistakes in their self-service strategy and deliver a less than ideal customer experience. The blog discusses the consequences of following sins in self-service support:

  • Leaving your support portal unbranded
  • Keeping a haphazard knowledge base
  • Making it hard for customers to give feedback
7 mistakes to avoid in self-service 7 mistakes to avoid in self-service

Measuring the impact of self-service

Implementing a feedback mechanism is the best way to ensure that the content in your knowledge base is truly helping your customers. This article discusses different ways in which you can effectively gather feedback. In this article, you will find: 

  • 10 different methods of gathering feedback 
  • Guidelines for setting up each method
  • Dos and don'ts of collecting feedback
Gathering self-service feedback Gathering self-service feedback

Best practices to perfect your chatbot strategy

Setting up a chatbot on your customer portal goes a long way in improving your customers’ self-service experience. This resource covers everything you need to know to build a chatbot strategy. It addresses:

  • The basics of setting up a chatbot
  • Ground-rules for developing a chatbot conversation strategy 
  • Real-life examples of how brands have set up their chatbots
Chatbots in self-service Chatbots in self-service

Combining AI with self-service

The more accurate your chatbot’s responses are, the more satisfied your customers will be. In this resource, you will learn how to incorporate AI in fine-tuning chatbot’s efficiency using some practical tips such as:

  • Understanding different customer personas
  • Proactively identifying customer issues
  • Structuring your content better
AI in self-service AI in self-service

How we scaled the Freshdesk knowledge base

Based on tried and tested techniques discussed in this resource, you can learn how to build a future-proof plan to update and organize your knowledge base to best serve your team and your customers. This webinar also discusses:

  • Inefficient knowledge base practices with steps on how to avoid them
  • Tone/style guide for your self-service portal
  • A checklist for the perfect knowledge base
Scaling knowledge base Scaling knowledge base