Guides to a Better Customer Service 


CX Masterclasses from Industry Leaders

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How to improve the speed of your Customer Service
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Customer Service in Retail - Let’s Talk Shop
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How Chatbots Help Increase Revenue and Boost CX
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Building a recession-proof contact centre ft. Forrester Research
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Superhuman customer service - Power of AI in CX

Upskill your customer service 

6 resources on scaling your remote support team

A playlist of resources on how to set up and scale your remote support team. You can find articles that discuss various remote working essentials such as:

  • Onboarding and training your remote support team
  • Choosing the best remote working tools
  • Keeping your support team motivated and engaged while they work from home
Remote support scaling Remote support scaling

8 exclusive guides to strengthen your self-service

Self-service becomes crucial as you try to go remote. It not only reduces the burden on your support team, but also helps customers find answers faster. Check out in-depth content on:

  • Writing the perfect knowledge base article
  • The mistakes to avoid in your self-service strategy
  • Measuring the impact of your self-service resources
Strengthening self-service Strengthening self-service

8 in-depth articles on boosting customer experience

Good CX is an integral part of customer service. To make the right enhancements to your customer experience, check out the following articles:

  • 4 ways to identify CX painpoints
  • Quantifying customer experience
  • Creating an omnichannel customer experience
Improving customer experience Improving customer experience

6 resources to upgrade your live chat and social support strategy

The significance of live chat and social media increases immensely when you're looking to adopt remote support. Here are a few resources to help you get a headstart:

  • Whitepaper on the evolution of live chat customer support
  • 30 most important live chat support tips
  • Handling Twitter, Facebook and Instagram support 
Live chat and social support Live chat and social support

7 resources on upskilling your customer support agents

To help your support team navigate the new normal, it's important they upskill their existing knowledge and incopororate principles of remote support. Here's what you can find in this resource gallery:

  • Customer support glossary to get familiar with all things customer service
  • A course support agents can take to perfect the essentials of good customer service
  • Articles that discuss how to handle difficult customers and apologize effectively
Agent upskilling Agent upskilling