Introducing Support 101

Ever wondered where to start when improving your support? Wondering how to hire better agents or deliver the next level of customer experience? Well, now is the right time to assess your support, improve your workflows and reach the next level. Each week, we will be sharing guides, presentations and kits that we think will be useful for you when you are delivering customer happiness this year.

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Guide For Scaling Your Support

This guide talks about how to to keep your support culture intact while adding more people to your team. It is divided into three sections:

  • On Hiring
  • On Training and
  • On Self-Service
guide to scaling your customer support guide to scaling your customer support

Giant Guide To Support Etiquette

Customer expectations vary widely around the world. This guide will help you avoid costly faux pas and create the best impression possible. It contains:

  • Support etiquette for 21 countries
  • Common customer expectations 
  • Specific Do’s and Don’ts
cse support101 page large cse support101 page large

Mapping Customer Journeys

A commonly overlooked part of the support experience is the customer’s journey across multiple channels of your support when trying to ask you a question. This presentation helps you:

  • Map the customer’s journey through your support
  • Determine ways to improve it
  • Assess the quality of your support experience
artboard 1 copy 2x artboard 1 copy 2x

Guide to Great Customer Experience

What makes support memorable instead of just "good"? How do you create great customer experiences instead of just providing customer support?  This guide addresses:

  • The differences between customer experience and customer support
  • Identifying customer needs and personalizing experiences
  •  Exercising Empathy
ce cards ce cards

Guide to Customer Support Productivity

Productivity is a key differentiator in customer support today. In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at all the factors that influence productivity in customer support such as:

  • Setting the right customer expectations with Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Designing workflow automations, and eliminating repetitive tasks
  • Tracking the right customer service KPIs and metrics
Productivity guide Productivity guide

The Ultimate Customer Support Glossary

Find out the following information about every customer service-related term:

  • Their meaning and significance
  • Their common usecases
  • Access to other dedicated resources about these terms
Customer support glossary Customer support glossary
What’s inside?

A guide, a talk from an industry expert,  or a whitepaper. Each week you’ll have something new to look forward to in your inbox.

Who’s it for?

These pieces will be helpful for new agents that are starting to grow their teams as well as experienced ones looking to improve their workflows.

How’ll it help?

Each piece of content also comes with a worksheet of questions tailored to track your progress and apply to your support whatever you’ve read that week.