We analyzed 107 million customer service interactions and here’s what we found. 

The results are clear - speed of service plays the most decisive role in achieving high customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

Why should this matter? 

Organizations are caught between conflicting views - customer service as a cost center, and customer interactions as the key to revenue growth. This report bridges the divide by providing actionable insights to improve CSAT and therefore grow revenues.

The secret? Speed of service is often viewed as one-dimensional and ‘good-to-have'. In reality, it has now become a necessity with strong links to consumer behavior. 

Our key findings include:

  • Customers assign more value to quick responses than the time taken to resolve a query

  • Customers don’t mind waiting longer if it means a better quality of interaction

  • Higher ticket volumes don’t always mean dissatisfied customers

  • 29% of customers think bots are ineffective, but bots improve CSAT scores by 7% on average. The secret lies in the implementation.

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