Contextual, real-time conversations with your customers are the need of the hour. 

With over 2 billion users and an over 80% penetration in 15+ countries, WhatsApp is a pervasive messenger. And during the pandemic, its usage has gone up by 40%.

Learn how Freshworks & WhatsApp makes it "E.A.S.Y" to deliver customer service that wins customers, builds loyalty, and drives revenue.


[Free Ebook] - Whatsapp Blueprint for E.A.S.Y. Customer Service

In the ebook, you will find:

  • Our E.A.S.Y framework for fixing the gaps in your customer service with WhatsApp Business API
  • The capabilities and benefits of WhatsApp Business API and how you can leverage them
  • How Freshdesk works seamlessly with Whatsapp to keep chat conversations in sync
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