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For those who’ve been in a perpetual search for a quick fix to all helpdesk issues, here’s the good news. We’ve jotted down a nifty recipe book that gently walks you through its helpdesk healing benefits and agent efficiency increasing properties.

In this white paper we discuss 8 important Freshdesk and Google Apps integrations your helpdesk needs. If you are a company already using Gmail for work, this is the perfect guide for making the best of the Freshdesk and Google Apps.

What’s cooking?

  • Recipe to give access to agents to the same set of contacts in the helpdesk
  • Recipe to schedule every event and customer call
  • Recipe to get deeper insights on customer’s trail of breadcrumbs on your support portal
  • Recipe to help customers and agents interact in their preferred language
  • Recipe to share files from your drive
  • Recipe to help agents and customers initiate calls with each other
  • Recipe to simplify the helpdesk sign-in process
  • Recipe to retain the context of ticket threads such as ticket history
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