Consumer priorities have shifted.
Freshdesk can help you adapt with the 3Cs.


Discovery, Evaluation and Transactions are increasingly occurring on easily accessible digital mediums like web, WhatsApp, etc. Businesses need to be accessible on these convenient platforms.


The growing dependence on digital platforms will result in the rapid growth of online interactions. Customers want answers 24*7 and to solve this, businesses need to scale their self-service rapidly.


Consumers value speed of response and resolution a lot. Speedy interactions and resolutions require immediate customer context. Unbaked customer context is a no-go.

Let shoppers connect with you wherever they are

Shoppers like to receive support on their own terms. Offer convenience on the go by interacting with consumers on channels of their choice.

Enable instant self-service at scale

Enable your in-store and online shoppers to get answers to their questions by themselves without human intervention. Provide contactless service on-demand, with the help of chatbots.

Personalize issue resolution at scale

Integrate PoS systems, CRMs, Fulfilment and Inventory systems using hundreds of Marketplace Apps or APIs. Retain consumer context on-demand in one Inbox.

Upgrade to a truly omnichannel experience

Deliver seamless customer service by integrating digital and traditional channels together. Increase your team’s efficiency by unifying all channels in one place, help customers irrespective of the channels they initiate contact from and scale customer service while optimizing ROI.


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