3 simple steps to get Sandbox up and running

Build your Sandbox

The Sandbox will be an exact replica of your Freshdesk account. Your ticket fields, automation rules, SLA policies and more, will all be carried over. Once created, your Sandbox account will be pre-populated with sample data that you can work on.

build sandbox 1acd216f build sandbox 1acd216f

Test Freshdesk settings and configurations

You can play around with new settings and configurations in your Sandbox account. This way, you’ll be able to identify issues and fix them before you implement them in your actual support setup.

test settings ab18b5e1 test settings ab18b5e1

Sync changes instantly

You don’t have to manually copy the Sandbox settings one by one to your actual Freshdesk account. With a single click, you can review all your Sandbox changes and proceed to sync them to your Freshdesk account. Once the sync is complete, your Sandbox account is automatically deactivated.

sync changes 0ce93dd3 sync changes 0ce93dd3

Embrace change with Sandbox

Give new features a shot

With Sandbox, you can explore new features and functionalities in Freshdesk without them affecting your existing support workflows.

Identify problems beforehand

When you’re testing settings in your Sandbox account, you can identify problems that can potentially occur and decide how you want to fix them before implementation.

Get your approvals in order

If there’s a critical change you want to make to your everyday support routine, you can use Sandbox to present it to senior management and ensure their approvals are in place.