Break the monotony

Make support exciting by turning your helpdesk into a game! Let agents complete tasks to earn points, level up, win rewards and work towards achievements that you want to unlock.

Grow through Quests

A simple yet ingenious way of driving your team towards a common goal is to turn ordinary, everyday tasks into Quests to promote meaningful learning and improvement.

Recognize excellence

Understand your team’s performance better by taking a look at your leaderboard. Instantly identify the top performers in your helpdesk and the ones who might need a bit more guidance.

Popular Quests on Freshdesk

Earn customer love

Set a target to resolve a particular number of tickets within a specified period of time to get higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Share knowledge

Encourage your agents to publish solutions to common problems on your knowledge base to help your customers help themselves.

Build community

Allocate points based on how active an agent is on your forums. Every interaction with a customer on the forum will earn agents more points.

Enlightenment through Freshdesk’s gamification