Get the Boring out of Customer Support

After all, happy agents = happy customers

Customer support can get a bit unnerving at times. Imagine waking up to frustrated customer emails and answering angry callers every day. Add a heaped spoonful of repetitive tasks and boring replies, and you have a ready recipe for a customer service disaster. After all, happy support agents translate to happy customers, so if your support team is not jumping with joy, chances are your customers won't either.

Freshdesk lets you turn every support ticket into a chance for your support reps to earn points. The more points they earn, the higher they move up your leaderboard and get more bragging rights. 

Get on the Support Diet

The trick to offering great support isn't really a secret. Customers expect instant answers to their queries, without having to go back-and-forth. That means the way to provide great customer service is by offering fast responses to customer queries, and making sure you get their problems resolved in the first shot. And, of course, making sure your customers are satisfied. Only, making this diet a habit is kind of hard. Freshdesk Arcade lets you set scores and define how important Fast Resolutions, First Call Resolutions, Service Levels and Customer Satisfaction ratings are to your business.

Identify and Reward best players on your Leader Board

With Freshdesk Arcade, supporting customers will no longer be a boring, repetitive chore to your support reps. Every ticket is a chance for them to earn points and climb up your leaderboard. That way, you know who your best players are by just looking at one place. Even better, Freshdesk Arcade even offers trophies to the fastest, sharpest and happiest support reps in your team. 

Enlightenment Through Freshdesk Gamification

Gamification was a big plus for friendly agent competition. Agents aim for the ‘Quadfecta’, which means scoring highest for the month in all four of the measured categories. In 2015, we had 5 top winners who received a gift card. Freshdesk’s unique gamification features helped us identify where we needed to be more selective with hiring practices and verifying skills.

Robert Everett
Director of IT

First call resolution

It takes a seasoned support rep to resolve a query in the first shot. Laud the Sharp Shooters in your team.

Fast resolution

Cheer on your Speed Racers as they break the sound barrier with super-fast responses.

Customer Satisfaction

Celebrate your Wow Champs who put in that extra effort to make customers smile.

Got a sudden spike? Set your support team on a quest

There are some things, like updating your knowledge base, or adding new solutions, that your support reps just won't do on a good day. And then there are some things like participating in your community forum, or clearing up that old ticket backlog, that probably isn't on the top of their priority list either.

Freshdesk Arcade lets you step on the gas and create Quests to ensure your specific business goals and needs get resolved. You could set your agents out on quests to earn more satisfaction ratings, publish solutions, participate in your community and more. And every time your reps unlock a quest, they get a badge to show off to the world.

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