Helpdesk SLA management

Promise, Deliver & Prove Service Levels

Your customers expect transparency

Show them what to expect, with Service Level Targets

Everyone loves a surprise. Except when they come to you with a problem, that is. Customers don't like being kept in the dark once they shoot out a support request. They want to know when they can expect a response from your support desk, and when a resolution could appear on their horizon. Service Level Agreements are a great way to negotiate expectations between your support team and your customers.

Freshdesk lets you manage and drive support SLAs according to industry best-practices. You can even set up multiple SLA policies for your high roller customers, and account for business hours and holidays.

Your support team. Your Business Hours.

Unless your helpdesk takes your business hours into account, your SLA policies become quite lame - Monday morning SLA reports are guaranteed to throw a big flashing red light! Of course, that’s not something you’d have to worry with Freshdesk. You get to put in your business hours for each day of the week, and decide whether your SLA timers should clock business hours or calendar hours. 

And if you have a team working from across the globe, you can even create a whole new set of business hours for each group of agents.

Bend your working hours to match those of your team, shifts and time zones

Choose to turn off timers when it's off your court

Sometimes your agents probably need some additional information from the customer before they can get started working on a ticket. And the customer could take hours, days, sometimes even a few years before she gets back with her response. It isn't really fair to have your timers running, and risk an SLA violation when the ticket isn't really in your hands now, is it? With Freshdesk, you can choose to freeze the SLA timers when you move a ticket to certain statuses, and ensure you don't run an SLA violation when you've just been waiting.

Take a step forward and track every second that is going into supporting customers 

Enjoy a Guilt-Free Christmas!

Ever been on that long due camping trip with the kids and spent most of the hike just worrying about those overdue tickets back at your helpdesk? Freshdesk's SLA policies allow you to enjoy a guilt-free vacation, by going beyond just business hours and accounting for your holidays as well. That means the ticket that came in during Christmas does not show an SLA violation when you come back from vacation.

Want to re-assign a ticket on your day off? Email commands is your answer.

Custom SLA policies for the high roller tickets

Your high-flyers deserve (or rather demand) the premium lounge. Freshdesk lets you treat your royalty like royalty, by creating a whole new SLA policy geared just for them. You can create multiple SLA policies and apply them to specific customers, agent groups, products or even ticket sources. That way, you can take care of the mob screaming at you on Twitter before jumping back on the support email thread.

Measure satisfaction levels of customers under each SLA policy

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