Set a standard for performance 

An SLA policy (service level agreement) is like a target or a deadline within which your team is expected to respond to customers and resolve their issues. It helps set standards of performance for your support team. With the SLA functionalities in Freshdesk, you can be assured that every issue is responded to and resolved on time.

Set the right target for every ticket 

You can create different SLA policies to apply for different kinds of tickets. For example, set shorter SLA targets for social media inquiries from important customers. In fact, you can even set SLA targets based on what customers write to you about. Depending on the targets, your agents will be prompted to work on the more important tickets first. 

Make SLA adherence easy for your team 

Freshdesk automatically sorts your agents’ inbox views based on the SLA due time. All they’ll have to do is work their way from the first ticket in their queue. With SLA labels for every ticket, in-app reminders, and email notifications, agents can be assured that they don’t miss any deadline.

Ensure nothing slips through the cracks 

For every SLA policy, you can set-up reminders and an escalation hierarchy to have the right people notified. Automations lookout for tickets that breach the SLA. They can flag the ticket, have it reassigned, and take the best next steps to make sure your customer doesn’t receive a late response. 

Get insights on performance

On a daily basis, you can depend on live dashboards to keep tabs on your team’s SLA adherence. If your team struggles to adhere to SLA targets, the dashboard brings it to your attention right away. Whether it's a live dashboard or historic reporting, you can quickly drill-down to a ticket level, find the root cause of issues, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Make remote work easy

Integrate with Slack

Have SLA notifications sent to your team on their favorite messaging app. You could push notifications to a public channel, or directly to an agent. 

Time zones

Timestamps like ticket created time and SLA due time are displayed to agents based on their local timezone.

Business hours

Set the right business hours for different teams and have SLAs triggered based on your agents’ local business hours.