Building blocks to achieve a global scale


Grow your support team across multiple geographies and onboard them with the right resources to ensure world-class support across the globe


Help agents be on top of their game, irrespective of the language in which they support  customers


Encourage agents to seek feedback for their service and help them improve continuously without any language barrier

Empower with

Global knowledge base 

Create knowledge articles in multiple languages to onboard a  global team effectively and enable them to create their own content which addresses common customer issues in their own language

Translated ticket fields

Enable agents to add essential details regarding a ticket in their own language by translating ticket fields to all the languages  you support

Assist using

Dynamic mail notifications 

Setup automated notifications in an agent’s preferred language to keep teams across the globe posted about business-critical events that occur in your helpdesk

Language-based ticket routing

Route tickets automatically to agents proficient in the language that the customer prefers, to ensure a smooth global support experience

Gauge with

Multilingual satisfaction surveys

Translate your surveys into multiple languages and help your global support team understand their areas of improvement based on customer feedback

Freshdesk’s Multilingual help desk is powered by

Automatic language detection

Instantly identify the language preferred by the customer without any manual effort and personalize their support experience from there 

Seamless translation management

Help your global team to keep the translations up to date by clearly labeling untranslated and outdated content

Localized language support

From English to Icelandic, Freshdesk helps agents support customers in their local language, thereby eliminating any language barrier