A support experience for each of your products

Deliver unique support experiences tailored for each product using separate mailboxes, knowledge bases and communities.

a support experience for each of your products

Create individual, branded support portals

Build individual support portals for products with extensive customization options for bringing brand identity into the support experience.

create individual branded support portals

Spread your workforce between products

Specify agents and create separate groups for each product to have automation rules assign tickets to the right group automatically.

spread your workforce between products spread your workforce between products

Full multi-product functionality

Dedicated community forums

Create individual community forums for your products to help customers find answers and explore use cases alongside other users.

Multiple business hours

Provide customer support across different regions and time zones by setting up suitable workflows with multiple business hours in your helpdesk.

Multilingual support

Support each of your products in over than 40 languages to serve customers from all over the world. Assign different language for different portals.