Multi-Product Helpdesk

Manage different brands from the same helpdesk

Multiple brands from one place

Deliver a unique experience across every product

Your business probably has multiple products and brands out in the market. Let’s say this includes a Pirate line of branded eye-patches and apparel, and another dedicated line of shuriken, katana and the rest, for Ninjas.

Now, you know your customers pretty well and you know that both the Pirate and the Ninja customers are a class on their own. Being as awesome as they are, anything less than the best is just not acceptable. If you want each brand to strike a distinct chord and appeal, they just cannot have the same support email. With Freshdesk, you can give the customers of each product a unique support experience, right from the mailboxes, all the way down to your knowledge base, communities and self-service.

Because Pirates Don't Share Mailboxes

Of course, you don't want your Pirates and Ninjas dropping off their support requests to the same mailbox. With Freshdesk, you can create a unique mailbox for each product you support, have the tickets automatically assigned to a different group of agents, and even have the replies going out from the corresponding product's support email.

Make your helpdesk multi-lingual... customer love is a universal language, after all!

Self-service experience geared towards each user

Everyone knows that Pirates and Ninjas don’t really get along that well. So unless you want to turn your support portals into a brawl of swords, cannons and hidden blades, it helps to keep the solutions and forums separate between your different products. Freshdesk lets you create a unique, branded self service experience for every product that you support, complete with its own knowledge base and community discussions.

Reduce support load, let customers help themselves with a fully featured self service portal

Hidden blades or Jolly Rogers? Give each portal a personality

We know how much effort you put in to give each brand a personality. Take it up a notch higher with a fully customizable support portal for each product. Complete with choice of colours, logos, fonts, and even the layout of your portals, the Pirates and Ninjas might each be in for a brand experience that will blow their minds.

Paint your portal in your colours, give your customers a glimpse of how you roll

Create Experts for each group

It’s likely that some of your agents know more about Kuji-kiri of the Ninjas, and some others are just better off talking about masts and rum casts. Freshdesk lets you create separate groups and specify the agents in them for each product. Now Freshdesk’s Dispatch’r automatically assigns support requests for each product to the right support group.

Let the cool robot of the house do all the distribution

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