Why are remote customer support teams on the rise?

A remote customer service team refers to a group of customer service agents who operate outside of the traditional office environment. They could be resolving customer problems from the comfort of their homes, from co-working spaces, or from other cities/countries where your company does not have a physical workspace. 

The advantages of such a setup are manifold. Not only can your company provide round the clock support across timezones, but you don’t have to worry about the real estate costs involved with setting up operations at every customer location either. For the remote support agents too, this is a great proposition. They can control when and where they work, which ultimately helps them maintain a positive work-life balance. In fact, according to a recent study by Standford GSB, remote employees are said to be 13% more productive than their regular in-office counterparts. 

However, with great flexibility comes great chaos. Managing workloads for a distributed team can get extremely cumbersome and result in processes and tools scattered all over the place. The primary challenges that crop up when you look to manage a remote support team are:

How does Freshdesk help you successfully manage a remote customer service team?

Set up location-specific SLAs and business hours

When you have employees working across countries and timezones, you cannot have a single set of official business hours. This will make Service Level Agreement, or SLA, management a major hassle and might lead to employees being penalized incorrectly. With a remote support software like Freshdesk, you’ll be able to configure separate location-specific business hours and map them to respective agent groups. You can then create new SLA policies for each agent group to ensure their work timings are taken into consideration before assigning deadlines.

Multiple business hours in Freshdesk Multiple business hours in Freshdesk

Enable seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams

Cross-team collaboration is extremely hard for remote teams. Their work hours might not align with those of other teams, which ultimately leads to a lack of context and repeated back and forth. However, Freshdesk's collaboration suite includes features like shared ownership, linked tickets, and parent-child ticketing, so remote support agents can ensure they’re always in the loop while the other internal teams work on troubleshooting the customer’s problems. Further, with Freshconnect, agents can directly chat with internal/external stakeholders right from the ticket window.

Collaboration in Freshdesk Collaboration in Freshdesk

Scale globally with multilingual customer support

The primary reason you hire a remote support team is to cater to a global customer base. Therefore, It’s only natural that you should look for a remote help desk software that will allow your agents to converse with customers in multiple languages. Freshdesk supports over 30 languages, and everything from your knowledge base articles, to your ticket fields, to your CSAT surveys, can be translated to a different language. This not only makes it convenient for your customers, but also helps your remote agents get on board quickly as they will feel at home right away.


Multilingual support options in Freshdesk Multilingual support options in Freshdesk

Onboard quickly and provide faster resolutions

You can create an internal knowledge base with Freshdesk and translate it into multiple languages. This will help you onboard your remote team quickly and ensure they understand the different nuances of your product. Freshdesk lets you go one step further with agent assist bots where you can design the entire bot workflow and free your remote team’s workload. These bots can help you automate redundant tasks like trial expiry or refund processing. Freshdesk’s AI engine will also help your remote agents with relevant solution articles that can be plugged into their responses.

Training your bot in Freshdesk Training your bot in Freshdesk

 Remote support is a breeze with Freshdesk

Avoid duplication of effort

With agent collision detection, you will be notified whenever there’s another agent working on the same ticket as you. Your remote team can thus avoid picking up support tickets their teammates are already handling, and prevent miscommunication with customers.

Create instant canned responses

Freshdesk allows your remote agents to create a predefined set of responses for repetitive questions. The next time a customer writes in asking how they can reset their password, or any other basic question, your agents can send out a canned response with a single click to resolve their problem.

Create reports on-the-go

Admins of remote teams can drill deeper into agent performance by creating custom reports with Freshdesk. They can also get a bird’s eye view of the different metrics using team dashboards, and take actionable measures.