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SSL encrypted servers with 99.9% availability, redundant backups and DDoS mitigation to take care of your data.


Global infrastructure and geographically distributed content delivery networks for high performance and flexibility for teams of all sizes.


Anytime, anywhere access so that your team isn’t tied to their desk. IP whitelisting for private helpdesks, to be used with corporate offices.


Completely managed servers with automatic free software upgrades, maintenance and bug fixes every week.

Custom SSL certificates

Every Freshdesk account comes with a wildcard SSL certificate that gets enabled automatically, for your default support URL, when you sign up. If you prefer to use your custom domain or a vanity URL for your portal, you can make it secure by using an SSL certificate. To make it easy, you can request an SSL certificate and have us enable it for your portal for you.

Trusted IP

Freshdesk’s Trusted IP functionality lets you whitelist specific IP ranges and decide who gets to access your support portal. If you aren’t keen on letting your agents login from outside work, you can restrict access by specifying the IP address of your network. The restriction can also be extended to your customers, and can be used to prevent a specific group of users from accessing parts of your support portal like your knowledge base or community.

Trusted IP whitelisting can also be coupled with a virtual private network to create a secure and exclusive way for people to access your portal no matter where they are.

Single sign on with your own credentials

If you already have a way to authenticate users inside your organization, you can set up a single sign on script to work with Freshdesk and use the same credentials to access your support portal. With single sign on, your internal users can access your helpdesk easily, without having to set up new accounts or re-enter their passwords every single time.

Single sign on can also be enabled to work with internal databases like ActiveDirectory or any custom validation mechanism of your choice. You can also choose to let your agents and customers login with their Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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