Supervision made simple

Supervision made simple

Diagnose issues quickly

Changes to automation rules, agent and account settings are all recorded in Audit Log, so you can diagnose problems faster.

Audit Log
Isolate problems easily

Instead of searching through a large list of records, isolate issues quicker by filtering changes based on time, the performing agent, and the type of change.

Log Filters
Restore stability smoothly

Whenever a record of change is made, the previous state is noted as well. This way, in case something breaks, you can just switch to the previous state.

Change Descriptions

One place to track all changes

Stay informed about changes

Audit Log tracks changes even by multiple admins and records what action was performed so you are always informed.

Manage agents better

Audit Log makes a record of every promotion, access permission and role change given to agents so you can manage them better.

Get a bird’s eye view of automations

Creating a new automation rule may affect other parts of your helpdesk. With audit log, it is easier to restore the previous stable state.