Why Your Business Needs a Customer Portal Software

Customer support isn’t what it once used to be. Today, customers would rather troubleshoot their problems by reading solution articles, than by writing an elaborate email about it, or waiting to speak to a support agent over the phone. With the increased dependence on self-service over traditional channels of communication, it has become necessary for companies to implement a customer portal where they can collate all the information the end-user requires.

Why do Businesses Need a Client Portal?

From giving customers the ability to resolve problems by themselves, to creating a thriving community of engaged users, a customer portal presents a plethora of opportunities for companies to better their support processes. You can get access to all the capabilities of a customer portal without any developer assistance, by using a dedicated client portal software like Freshdesk. Let’s take a closer look at how Freshdesk’s customer portal makes life easier for your agents and customers.

#1 Providing Effective Self-service Options to Customers

With a well-organized and well-structured customer portal, it becomes much easier for the end-user to find what he/she is looking for. They get access to a host of information at their fingertips, such as solution articles, FAQs, product feature announcements, and more. Freshdesk lets you set up a comprehensive client portal with multiple categories and sub-folders, to clearly educate customers on a variety of product use-cases. This will eventually bring down the volume of support tickets, as customers will not feel the need to reach out to your support team for every minor concern. As a result, agents can focus their efforts on answering more complex queries instead of handling minor, repetitive issues.  

#2 Building a Community of Engaged Users

One of the primary benefits of creating a client portal is to establish a community of loyal users of your product, who are willing to help each other out. A customer portal software like Freshdesk allows you to give your customers a platform to ask questions, suggest ideas, share experiences, and engage with other users. Most active forums also have power users who have been associated with your product for a long time and can help new customers understand better. Community users can also pitch in with feature requests that they want to bring to the attention of the brand’s product managers.

#3 Extending Your Brand Identity

Your customer portal should be a natural extension of your brand. Freshdesk lets you achieve this by giving you complete end-to-end portal customization capabilities. You can add your company’s logo, play around with the look and feel, tweak the CSS and other visual elements, making your customers feel like they never left your website. With Freshdesk, you can truly create an experience for customers that resonates with your company’s essence and brand language.

#4 Providing an Easy Place for Users to Create Tickets

A customer portal allows users to switch seamlessly from self-service to contacting a support agent. If customers aren’t able to find what they’re looking for through the self-service resources, they can simply create and submit a support ticket with information about their problem. The client portal you create with Freshdesk is also mobile optimized, allowing users to create tickets on the go.

#5 Capturing Relevant Customer Information

A client portal lets you capture customer information that is relevant to the issue at hand. This is achieved in Freshdesk through ticket forms, where you can customize the ticket fields to fit your business type. By using data such as the order ID or any other additional detail, you will have complete context of the customer’s problem, and can avoid excessive back and forth. Freshdesk even lets you create dynamic ticket forms, where the input fields automatically change based on what the user enters.

#6 Providing Multi-product and Multilingual Support

Freshdesk’s multi-product capabilities are an excellent asset to larger companies and enterprises. Companies that have more than one product can create dedicated support portals for each product, and manage customer conversations in a unified location. The design and look of each portal can be tweaked based on product guidelines. Freshdesk also supports multilingual portals where customers can converse with your support team in the language of their choice.

#7 Intelligently Suggesting Solutions to Customers

Freshdesk’s client portal can intelligently suggest solutions to your customers when they’re about to create a support ticket. Based on the ticket subject they enter, they’re presented with relevant knowledge base content that they can use to troubleshoot the problem by themselves. They can click through to see if the content helps them resolve their issue, or submit the ticket if it doesn’t.

#8 Analyzing the Impact of Your Resources

By using a customer portal software, you can get important insights into how well your knowledge base and other self-service resources are doing. You can find out the article view count, number of upvotes, downvotes, and more. You can also optimize your content to rank organically on search engines, by adding the right keywords and meta information. These meaningful insights will help you produce better content to guide your users more effectively, and at the same time reduce the workload for your support team.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, the client portal has tremendous impact on how well a business can support its customers. It not only encourages self-service, but also makes it extremely convenient for your customers to get in touch with you, and provides contextual information. If you’re not using a customer portal software yet, this is the right time to get on board!

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