Manage multiple product portals individually   

Create and manage multiple customer portals that match your unique brand identity. Deliver a tailored self-service experience for each brand, from a single Freshdesk instance. 

Complete control & flexibility 

Customize each section of your portal to organize knowledge base, ticketing sections, discussion forums and empower customers with the information they need. With single sign-on and multilingual portal capabilities, take your self-service experience a step further to deliver a personalized experience for different products. 

Personalize your portal in a few clicks  

Embrace complete control and flexibility over the way your portal looks with out-of-the-box and customizable themes. With the WCAG compliant theme, ensure your portal is equally accessible for everyone. With minimal coding, apply your branding guidelines to your customer portal. 

Custom and public apps for end-users 

Extend your portal’s capabilities to solve specific business needs like order or payment tracking with public and custom apps. Empower customers to get the help and information they need, when they need it — so you can minimize repetitive tasks and let support agents focus on critical issues.