Why should you integrate your help desk with Shopify?

Integrating your help desk software with Shopify saves a lot of back and forth when you want to assist your customers in effortless yet meaningful ways. Freshdesk is the perfect Shopify customer service app for e-commerce businesses that want to provide friendly and quick support.

Deliver contextual customer support

Access order history, billing information, previous conversations, and other relevant customer details from your help desk software as you engage in customer support interactions.

Create a unified customer experience

From purchase to order fulfillment and after-sales service, give your customers a seamless shopping experience by integrating customer data from different support channels in a single place.

Offer proactive help to shoppers

Trigger automated emails in the event of cart abandonment directly from your help desk and know what's stopping shoppers from making a purchase. You can also initiate emails to gather feedback from customers once their order is fulfilled.

Respond quickly to customer issues

Find customer information instantly and respond in minutes when customers reach out to you. A customer service app that offers customizable answer templates and canned responses helps you resolve customer problems faster without compromising personalization.

How does the Freshdesk-Shopify integration help your e-commerce store?

If you run a Shopify store, Freshdesk makes it easy for your customer support team to refund and cancel orders right from within Freshdesk. This way, your team need not switch tools to manage orders from the Shopify store.

Check the order history from Freshdesk

When a customer contacts you, you can see their recent order history right next to their Freshdesk tickets. You can see how much they paid, what they ordered, and the current fulfillment status.

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Cancel and refund orders from your helpdesk software

As a support agent, it can be overwhelming to switch between your Shopify stores and your helpdesk software for every refund or return request raised by your customers. Using this integration you can handle all these requests right inside Freshdesk.

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Control cart abandonment rates and collect feedback proactively

Personalize and trigger emails automatically from Freshdesk when a visitor abandons a cart and find out if they are facing any issues even before they report their problem. With the Freshdesk proactive outreach for Shopify stores, you can also automate feedback collection after every order is fulfilled.

Shopify cart abandonment email from Freshdesk Shopify cart abandonment email from Freshdesk

Connect multiple Shopify stores

If you run multiple Shopify stores, you can connect all of these stores to a single Freshdesk account. When a customer contacts you, you can access their orders from any of these stores, inside Freshdesk.

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Launch a contact form on your Shopify site in 3 simple steps

A contact form on your Shopify store makes it easy for customers to get in touch with you when they run into trouble. With the Freshdesk-Shopify integration, you can now embed a contact form and your knowledge base in Freshdesk’s help widget. The widget helps customers browse solution articles or get in touch with you via the contact form on your Shopify site. 

1. Set up the help widget in your Freshdesk account

In your Freshdesk account, go to Admin -> Channels -> Widgets. Choose which channel - contact form or solution articles or both - you want to add to the widget and customize its appearance as per your preferences. After you’ve set up the widget, go to the 'Embed code tab' and copy the code you see there.

2. Install the ‘Custom JavaScript & jQuery’ app in your Shopify account

Go to the Apps section in your Shopify account. Click on ‘Visit the Shopify App Store’ and search for the ‘Custom JavaScript & jQuery’ app. Add the app to your Shopify account.

3. Embed the widget code in the Shopify store

After installing the app, click on ‘Add new JS snippet’ in the ‘Custom Javascript’ window that appears. Give a snippet name of your choice and click the checkbox near ‘Activate As HTML’. Now paste the code you copied from Step 1 in the space for ‘Snippet code’ and hit Publish.

Click here for detailed instructions on adding the contact form

Making customers happy is easier with Freshdesk + Shopify

With Freshdesk, you’ll have the perfect helpdesk support for e-commerce. You’ll get a powerful help desk software with functionalities at a price point that is affordable. Support your customers locally or globally across multiple products, languages, and time zones with just one helpdesk.

Shopify Freshdesk Integration Shopify Freshdesk Integration

Simplify customer support across multiple channels with Freshdesk Omnichannel


Providing customer service for your Shopify store may involve customer interactions across different support channels including phone, live chat, email, messaging channels, web portal, and social media. Freshdesk Omnichannel lets you view and respond to requests from all these channels on a single dashboard, making it easy for your agents to resolve customer issues.


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