What is email management software and why do you need one?

By definition, email management software is the technology that enables you to respond to and manage business or customer conversations that come in through email.

Managing emails might seem easy when you’re just starting out with your business. However, once your customer base starts growing, making sure you stay on top of all conversations gets tricky. Your inbox is likely to fill up with so many requests that you will need help with monitoring and responding to all of them. Especially in customer service, you can’t afford to keep your customers waiting for a response or fail to respond to them at all.

However, with a customer email management software, you can get your support under control by streamlining issues into one universal inbox. You can track and manage customer conversations, gather feedback, analyze trends, and do much more with a dedicated email management software.

How will Freshdesk help you with customer email management?

Personalize customer experiences

Personalizing customer service goes a long way in improving the customer experience you deliver. To help you deliver personalized support effortlessly, Freshdesk lets you automatically route incoming customer conversations to the right agent or team based on the content of the message, skill set of agents, region, or language, and more. Further, agents have easy access to a customer’s details such as past conversations, their unique ID, etc which will help you provide contextual assistance.

customer email management - personalization

Collaborate to offer faster resolutions

Some customer conversations require assistance from your teammates or from other teams in your organization. To make these dependencies easier, Freshdesk is loaded with features that let you collaborate effortlessly. Not only can you collaborate right from the customer’s conversation, you can also share ownership of the issue with another team, and have complete context and transparency until the issue is resolved.

email management software - collaboration

Offer self-service and around the clock support

Since customers today prefer finding answers on their own, Freshdesk lets you set up a variety of self-service options. You can create an FAQ portal, and add a website widget or chatbot to help your customers find answers easily, 24*7. You can also build a user community where customers can interact amongst themselves and offer solutions for each other’s problems.

email management software: self-service

Track and measure performance

Keeping tabs on different customer service metrics helps you analyze your current support set up, and make changes wherever needed. With Freshdesk, you can gather insights on agent productivity, customer satisfaction, trends in conversations, and more, in a single click. You no longer need to depend on a data analyst or engineer to do the number crunching. Using Freshdesk, you can further drill-down on individual metrics to identify outliers or patterns too.

email management software - reports

What else can you do with Freshdesk as a customer service email management software?

Assist customers on social media

Utilize the power of social media and manage conversations on Twitter and Facebook right from Freshdesk.

Provide support on the go

Respond to customer conversations when you’re commuting or from the comfort of your home using the Freshdesk mobile app.

Integrate different solutions

Connect with over 500 apps from the Freshdesk marketplace and expand your capabilities to deliver better customer experiences.