What is issue tracking software?

Issue tracking software refers to those tools that help companies automate and manage some of their organizational processes, in order to build operational efficiency. Issue tracking is usually considered a functionality of the ITSM (information technology services management) sector. But issue tracking software adds equal value to customer service efforts.

Customer issue tracking software enables support teams to track every customer query that flows through their support channels. Customers expect their requests to be handled swiftly and efficiently, no matter which channel they reach out through and an issue tracking software such as a helpdesk can help to unify, manage, contextualize, and analyze customer conversations in a single view to help support agents track every step of the process.

Why do you need an issue tracking tool for customer service?

Issue tracking software enables hassle-free customer service by making it easy to keep tabs on ticket inflow. Customers may reach out on different channels for support, but a helpdesk's omnichannel view allows support agents to have complete context about every customer’s prior interactions, in order to provide quick, relevant solutions with minimal back-and-forth.

When support agents act as a liaison between multiple teams and the customer, issue tracking software gives timely updates about activities being carried out by other tagged teams so they can keep the customer informed. The ideal customer issue tracking system should also let support teams customize tracking rules for better accessibility to and identification of priority customer issues.

How does issue tracking software help in customer service?

Track customer interactions across channels

Switching between tools that don’t communicate with each other is not ideal for efficient issue tracking. You stand the risk of letting customer issues slip through the cracks.

With an omnichannel issue tracking software, you’ll never have to worry about forcing customers to repeat themselves on every channel. Your agents can keep track of customer conversations across the website, mobile, chat, social media, and more channels--all from one place. 

Using this context, agents can be more proactive towards customer issues and delight them on every channel

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omnichannel issue tracking software

Gain context about a customer's journey

Issue tracking software helps support teams instantly access information about all previous interactions in the customer’s journey.  You can use the data about each customer to offer informed, relevant solutions.

The customer profile gives a unified view of their activities on any touchpoint, to make it easier for support agents to study their consumer behavior.

Anything that makes a support agent's job efficient and easier has a bearing on customer satisfaction too. An intuitive and time-saving tool like Freshdesk, with its issue tracking system,  will make your support agents happy and in turn, add customer value.

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customer journey - issue tracking software

Keep tabs and improve your support team’s performance

Make use of issue tracking software to get insights about your support team’s performance. Understand what’s being done right, what may need some fine-tuning.

Analyze productivity by determining where most of the agents’ time is being spent, adherence to SLAs (Service Level Agreements), resolution times, and other customer happiness metrics that tie together with support performance.

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customer service dashboard

Measure and analyze trends to serve customers better

Use the comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities of issue management software to improve your customer service game.

Track ticket trends in different channels, types of issues raised by customers, to better focus your support efforts. This will help leverage and track customer satisfaction too.

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issue tracking software - customer satisfaction

Freshdesk has all the features you need in a

customer issue tracking system

Provide 360-degree support

Streamline all customer conversations and respond to them from one omnichannel platform. Set up automation rules to track and route customer issues automatically to respective teams or agents.

Measure performance with robust reporting

Leverage reporting and analytics to find out what’s working and what’s not in your support processes. Set up operational rules to stick to SLAs, reduce resolution times, increase CSAT scores, and other KPIs.

Access a comprehensive marketplace

Augment your support team’s efforts by integrating your issue tracking software with CRMs like Freshsales and Pipedrive, project tracking systems like JIRA, and team collaboration software like Freshconnect and Trello.

Customize your tracking

Set up tracking mechanisms for high priority customer issues. Multiple tickets can be clubbed under a common issue tracker and support agents can keep track of other teams’ progress while co-working on a ticket.

Implement self service by tracking common issues

Track customer issues and create segments based on types of queries. The common questions from each of these segments can be used to enable self-service with FAQs, solution articles, and topic-based customer communities.

Improve CX with proactive support

Use AI and chatbots while tracking website visitors and spark a conversation to understand their needs proactively. The bots can also help track customer sentiment through a ticket journey and social interactions.