Unify your support channels

Understand your customers better with detailed contextual information. Freshdesk’s trouble ticket software helps with the organization, management and resolution of trouble tickets from channels like email, chat, phone and social media, all in one place.

Work together to resolve faster

Trouble ticketing often requires the help of many teams, and with features like Shared Ownership, your trouble ticketing software will make collaboration simple. Chat with teammates on tickets in your helpdesk using the Freshconnect integration to find the best solutions to customer queries without losing context or having scattered conversations across various apps.

Collaborate with teammates better using Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration

Automate repetitive tasks

Consolidate trouble tickets and automate regular tasks like their categorization and prioritization by setting up smart automationrules in Freshdesk’s trouble ticketing software. Set up predefined answers for common questions and automate routine tasks such as changing ticket properties, adding tags and sending status replies

Use Freshdesk automations to quickly sort incoming tickets and assign them automatically

Be more efficient in support

Prevent duplication of efforts

Freshdesk detects and displays when agents are simultaneously working on a ticket, so that they can avoid collision on requests that are already being worked on.

Benchmark performance

Use Agent Snapshot in your helpdesk dashboard to measure agent performance and identify areas for improvement in order to meet performance targets on an ongoing basis.

View tickets that need attention

Save custom ticket views in your helpdesk to get a clear picture of which tickets you need to work on. Agents can then attend to these tickets on the basis of priority.