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As a startup, you need your helpdesk to be nimble. You can’t afford to keep your initial customer waiting for a response. So you need to be real sure that the helpdesk solution you move to isn’t going to slow you down.

Is your support where your customers are?

Word-of-mouth and social media are your best marketing tools, especially in the initial days. It is great if your customers ask you questions and talk about you for all the world to see in social media. And if you can get your helpdesk to support them right there, your product now wins the love of not just that one customer but pretty much everyone on their Facebook and Twitter timeline.

Take your support social with Freshdesk

Getting more early adopter love

The romance you enjoy with your first set of customers is something incomparable. Your early adopters fill you with ideas that steer the direction in which your startup should be heading. So it’s really important that your helpdesk lets them engage with you and each other, ask questions and build the foundation for your brand.

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Keeping all your knowledge in one place

Some of the biggest companies in the world struggle to keep their knowledge base accessible and updated. But when your support agent, or even a customer, is faced with a problem, she needs to have that one place where she can find the definitive solutions and work arounds. That means as a startup, you are going to need an even more powerful knowledge base covering “How To”s, FAQs, solutions and more.

Our knowledge base comes to the rescue, every single time

Freshdesk: The best Startup Helpdesk Solution

Freshdesk was built as an enterprise-grade customer support solution that scales as your business grows. Since it is priced per agent, you can get started and add more agents as your business grows.

The Startup Support Advantage with Freshdesk

With Freshdesk, you get a complete helpdesk solution that offers everything you need to start supporting your customers, like Multi-channel customer supportticket dispatch automation and an Android-app.

Get Started for Free

You read that right! You can get started with Freshdesk without paying a dime, and keep it free forever for your first 3 agents. That means with you, your co-founder and that geeky buddy, your monthly cost with Freshdesk is exactly $0. Including taxes!

Unlimited occasional agents

Need to add someone from outside your “core support team” to jump in for a day or two? With Freshdesk you can get a Day Pass for as low as $1 a day, and turn supporting customers into a huge company-wide fun carnival!

More Love for Startups

If you are a startup with under $1M in funding, and have been incubated by any one of our buddies, you could get 3 agents on the Estate Plan on your shiny new (no trials and existing customers) Freshdesk account Free for a whole year. Learn more.