Help desk software for freelancer support

The greatest challenge as a freelancer is keeping track of payments from multiple clients. Are you still making notes about each finished job or pending payment? Are you dedicating a couple of hours a week just to follow up on payments? Well then, it’s time to try Freshdesk. With Freshdesk, you can handle all manner of communications with clients effortlessly and focus on doing your work.

How can help desk software help a freelancer?

Freshdesk lets you track the time you spend supporting each client. You don’t have to get your hands dirty with mundane paperwork such as raising estimates or bills. Invoice your customers for the time you spend supporting them without leaving Freshdesk, using the FreshBooks app.

Be in absolute control over your work hours by prioritizing your jobs on a daily basis. Prioritize your work based on deadlines using Freshdesk Automation.

You even get to share your knowledge base with clients and let them find the answers they need themselves.

Freshdesk self-service portal

Support clients using a free help desk

With Freshdesk, you can choose a help desk that’s perfect for freelancers which will help you manage your time as well as your payments. You’ll get enterprise-class functionality at price points that are ideal for freelancers. You can enjoy the freedom of effortless communication with clients without the tools you use burning a hole in your pocket.