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Look Big, Act Big

It's important you show your clients that you are dependable. That you care, and nothing falls through the gaps. But spending hours everyday refreshing your mailbox or writing documentation specs isn't an option either.

With Freshdesk, you get everything you need to promise clients the experience they expect, across the phone, email, your website, or even social media. Everything. 

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Freshdesk - the helpdesk for Freelancers
Track time spent for every client - helpdesk for a freelancer
Time, Track & Invoice

Ever thought how much simpler life would get if only your help desk could tell you exactly how much time you spent on a client, why, and how you should bill them for it? 

Freshdesk lets you track the time you spend supporting each client. Generating time sheets on the fly? Got it. Analyzing billable time? Check. Tying in with your invoicing tool? It's on the house!

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Just Focus on what you Love

You need to be able to focus your time and effort helping your clients and winning their love (and next project). Not worrying about organizing conversations.

With Freshdesk you get to automate all the boring parts of customer support, like categorizing a request or setting priority levels. You even get to share your knowledge, solutions and how-tos with clients, and let them engage directly, through your own community forums. 

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Automate ticket categorization, prioritization, dispatch and even follow-ups with Freshdesk