Reach who you need quickly

When you need help with a ticket, simply @mention a teammate or group to invite them to work on it together. Not having to switch to another tool helps you reply and resolve faster.

Start conversation within the ticket

Keep track of conversations

Move your team conversations to Team Huddle to ensure important information about a ticket is always right where you need it and is not drowned out or lost in external chat tools.

Get context from conversation inside the ticket

Focus on the relevant text

Tag your teammate on the the exact part of the ticket you need help with, by highlighting specific text in a ticket. This lets them get back to you faster without needing to read the entire thread.

Tag your team mates to parts of tickets where you need help

Work together to support seamlessly

Team Inbox

Organize, prioritize and reply to customer emails together from one mailbox.

Agent collision

Get alerts when two agents are replying to the same customer.

Shared Ownership

Share tickets with other teams and retain visibility even when another team is working on it.