Extend your support capabilities with apps


Freshdesk is integrated with many popular business applications - CRM systems, invoicing tools, and eCommerce solutions among others, out-of-the-box. So, if you want to connect your helpdesk with another solution your team is using, all you have to do is check our list.

Freshdesk is also the only helpdesk that is tightly integrated with Google Apps including Analytics, Contacts, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, and Gmail. These apps enable a slew of additional capabilities including the ability to schedule customer calls, attach large files to tickets, and much more.

Custom Apps

Can't find an app that fits your needs? No problem. Create your own custom apps to integrate with internal tools or third party applications. Our App Development Framework makes it easy to add functionality or bring in critical information from other applications into your ticket details and contact details pages.

We also encourage our customers to share their custom apps in the Freshdesk Marketplace so that other user can benefit from them.


Some companies have some specific custom requirements to support their businesses. If you need custom development on top of Freshdesk, our RESTful API could be the perfect way for you to set up specific business workflows and extensive integrations. You can use your account’s API key to read information from your tickets and contacts or trigger actions in your helpdesk from any third-party source. If you know your way around API requests, the possibilities are endless.

If you get stuck somewhere, all you have to do is shoot us an email. Our API developers will be more than happy to jump in and help you figure out a solution.

Implementing Freshdesk with all our third-party software providers has been extremely easy. It has made our work considerably easier and we are excited about Freshdesk’s Google Hangouts and Google Calendar apps.

Mitch Greenwald Cloudbakers
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