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Agent Productivity

Freshdesk is built to propel agent productivity and speedy response to customers. Agents can easily stay on top of all tickets and work collaboratively with teammates to efficiently resolve customer issues.

We've simplified ticketing for you!

Customer issues from any channel can be converted into tickets in Freshdesk. This way, none of your customer conversations slip through the cracks. 

Helpdesk Ticketing System Helpdesk Ticketing System
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Team Inbox

Unlike email, our ticketing system is designed for team collaboration and agent productivity. This means that you can do so much more than just sending replies. Prioritize every ticket based on the keywords. Assign every ticket to a specific agent and group so there is no confusion about who should be working on which ticket. Filter tickets based on specific properties so the most important tickets that agents should work on are front and center.

Collision detection

See who else is viewing or replying to the ticket.

Canned responses

Save replies to common tickets and reuse them.

Smart notifications

Get notified within the tool about ticket updates.

Custom ticket views

Choose which tickets you want to see first.

Merging tickets

Merge tickets about the same issues into one.

Activity log

View every agent and system activity on the ticket.

Collaborative ticketing

Help your teams collaborate effectively to provide better support experiences.

  • Share ownership of tickets without losing visibility. Loop in teammates for a discussion right inside the ticket for full context.
  • Split tickets with several tasks into sub-tickets. Have multiple teams work on them in parallel.
  • Link and keep track of tickets related to similar issues. Send bulk updates to customers in one go.
Collaborative Ticketing Screenshot Collaborative Ticketing Screenshot

SLA management

A service level agreement across your Freshdesk sets performance thresholds that can be managed and optimized over time.  With SLAs, set expectations for response time with customers and measure how well agents are able to meet time frames.

  • Set up rules for when every ticket needs to be replied to and solved so agents are clear about deadlines
  • Redistribute the workload or add more people to the team based on SLA compliance rates
  • Set up automatic reminders for agents and escalations to managers whenever SLAs are not met
SLA for Ticketing Software SLA for Ticketing Software

AI-powered ticketing

With Freddy AI tightly integrated with ticketing, do away with mundane, repetitive tasks and save time for your agents.

  • Automatically suggest ticket fields to categorize, prioritize and route incoming tickets
  • Have Freddy recommend the most fitting solution articles to your agents for faster resolution
  • Prevent reopening of tickets when customers respond with a thank you

Field service ticketing

Create service tasks for customer tickets that require field visits.

  • Assign to the right field employee or service group based on problem type, location, skills needed and more
  • Field employees can access their service tasks via the Freshdesk app for iOS and Android
  • Updates from field employees are fully integrated with Freshdesk ticketing so dispatch and field are united in delivering an amazing customer experience
SLA for Ticketing Software SLA for Ticketing Software

Contextual ticketing with Custom Objects

Bring in all the business-critical information unique to your organization right inside your Freshdesk.

  • Create and manage custom objects, to gather the information you need related to your customers and business
  • Associate these objects with other custom or standard objects, to bring in the entire context on tickets without struggling to fetch data from multiple tools or tabs
  • Empower your agents by making this data available to them as a widget right on the ticket details page
  • Use a rich variety of filters to slice & dice custom and standard objects in order to get the context you want
  • View and analyze data to make insights-led decisions
Contextual ticketing with Custom Objects Contextual ticketing with Custom Objects