How AI Can Help Your Support Team Handle Rapid Customer Growth

As your customer base grows rapidly, your support team is left with the difficult job of keeping this growth smooth and comfortable for every customer, despite the ever increasing influx of tickets on top of tickets. But there’s only so many of you to field all of these issues and questions, and there’s only so much time in the day. What can your team do to stay ahead of the growth? How do you keep the ship sailing on calm waters without turning into the storm and ruining the experience for your customers along the way? This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) comes into play.

Customer support teams can use AI to improve the service they provide today and make life just a little bit easier for everyone along the way. Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques, it is now possible to easily automate many of the processes you currently have to do manually. Here’s how the AI present in Freshdesk customer support software gives your team the secret weapon to manage the ever-growing volume of customers your company is taking on.

Automated Replies

Let’s face it. Many of the questions and issues your customers bring up with your support team are common ones that are often asked. You may have even created some FAQ content on them but still, customers get stuck and need a helping hand. And though you may have canned responses to these easy issues like “password reset” or “address change”, it still takes time to read the ticket and decide on the appropriate response.

With an AI solution plugged into your Freshdesk account, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Using AI algorithms, tickets are tagged based on what the customer means rather than the exact words they use. AI is now able to mathematically understand the context of a sentence and see what alternative words are frequently used as well. That means someone “requesting a refund” and someone demanding “their hard-earned cash back” will both get tagged as refund requests.

These tags on all tickets can then be used in smart ways to help you automate all of those commonly asked questions. By using Freshdesk’s observer rules which can be configured based on the tags that have been applied, you’ll never again have to explain where the password reset button is present or how many days delivery usually takes. It will all be done automatically for you and your team, leaving more time in the day to focus on the tough stuff.

Ticket Routing

We are all better at some things compared to others. It’s the way of life and it’s the same in a support team. Some of your agents are just better at certain questions than others due to experience, extra training or maybe they’re just damn good at dealing with a customer’s data upload issues.

How much time would it save your team if you could route all tickets to the right agent or group based on skills or experience? “A lot” is the answer to that question. With the help of AI that automatically tags all your customer conversations and observer rules, this can be achieved easily. AI can now understand what a customer means based on the sentence used and how semantically similar it is to other words used in the same context (confusing? Like cash, money, dough, and cheese). Automatic triaging to the right team can now be extremely accurate no matter what words your customer uses to complain. That means customers complaining about their new shirt being “damaged”, “ripped up”, “creased”, “tearing” or “torn” can all be quickly routed to the team that handles damaged goods.

Backlog Prioritization

In an ideal world, your support team would have a very small backlog. The number of new tickets opened would roughly be equal to the number of existing tickets you close, with the majority of tickets getting resolved within the normal response time. But the reality is ticket volume can spike or grow too fast. Backlog can sometimes grow into an unclimbable mountain of new and opened tickets that we’ve all faced. With this ever-increasing backlog of tickets and a shortage of time on your support team’s hands, it becomes extremely difficult to know which customer issues require prioritization.

AI can once again come to the rescue by automatically finding and tagging your Freshdesk tickets. with automatic tagging of all your support tickets. By applying a few smart settings and features within your Freshdesk account, you can now fight the biggest fires first before they get out of hand.


The customer support team is vital to providing an amazing customer experience and can make a customer loyal when an interaction goes well. But as the customer base grows, support teams can quickly find themselves drowning in support tickets and fighting just to try and open them all. An AI solution and some smart Freshdesk features and settings can help make the life of a support agent so much easier. AI helps to automate those easy-to-answer responses, route tickets to the best-suited team and prioritize the most important queries when the ticket count starts piling up. You can get yourself an AI solution for your own Freshdesk account right now on the Freshworks Marketplace.