Why do schools need help desk software?

Every educational institution needs to answer all queries from multiple channels and deal with fluctuating support loads. Students and educators need to focus on things more important to them instead of expending their time and resources on figuring out the best ways for students and the administration to coordinate.That’s why every school or college could benefit from a help desk software.

How can Freshdesk help me?

Streamline all queries into a single inbox. Efficiently engage with your internal and external customers. Prevent delayed responses by using the best help desk software for schools.

Ticket View

Automate mundane tasks

With Freshdesk, you can automate all the repetitive tasks of customer support, like categorizing a request or setting priority levels. Use automations to categorize tickets and set priority levels automatically.

Dispatcher Automation

Help customers help themselves

Set up a knowledge base with FAQs, articles and community forums to help your students and staff help themselves to information.

Knowledge base articles

Create articles on the fly

Make use of the email-to-kbase feature which will automatically create an article based on your support email and save it in the drafts folder where you can edit, review and publish it later.

Create articles on the fly

Guide students for free

With Freshdesk, you will choose a help desk that’s perfect for educational institutions. You’ll get enterprise-class functionality at price points that are affordable. Manage communications with students from all disciplines and departments on a single platform and focus your resources on providing quality education.