A chatbot can vastly improve your customer experience. Learn how.

Customer expectations are ever-increasing. They expect businesses to provide a prompt, seamless support experience on the communication channel of their choice every single time. In addition, customers also expect customer service reps to 'know' them and their previous issues, and provide a fast and effortless customer experience. Meeting these expectations requires a great deal of investment in both personnel and processes. As a business, how do you achieve this without it costing you a fortune?

With a virtual super-powered customer service rep - a chatbot!

Customers today tend to prefer texting companies just as they would a friend. Companies serving younger customers are seeing this grow day-by-day. Chatbots can drive value across the business especially in areas like customer experience and agent productivity. 31% of organizations have already invested in AI and bots to outpace the competition. 

Listen to this webinar to understand our fresh approach to chatbots. We’ll give you an overview of why you should bot and how we can help you do it efficiently.

You'll also get a sneak peek of the best chatbot solution that is easy to set up, enables you to provide contextual support, and is scalable!

Presenters in this webinar

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Natarajan C

Senior Manager - Product Marketing, Freshworks

Natarajan (Nats as he is known) is Senior Manager, Product Marketing for Freshdesk. He has 14 years of experience in tech, advertising, and marketing across various companies, including two at which he was the co-founder. While not marketing Freshdesk, he likes to take long walks with his dog and read.

avaneesh pic avaneesh pic
Avaneesh Rajkumar

Senior Product Manager, Freshworks

Avaneesh is currently a Senior Product Manager with Freshworks’ flagship product, Freshdesk and spearheads the Chatbot initiative. He likes to read books, and build sustainable solutions for the future.

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Sumana Srikanthan

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks

Sumana is a Product Marketer in the Freshdesk Marketing team and manages the Freshdesk knowledge base and the support portal. She will be the moderator for this webinar. If you have any questions about this webinar, please reach out to her at sumana.srikanthan@freshworks.com.