About the Event

The pandemic has triggered a now permanent change in the way consumers interact with companies. Thanks to its accessibility and convenience, customers now demand to be met on digital, contactless engagement channels. And if your customers are going digital-first, that’s where customer service should too. 

That’s where you - the IT leader - come in. Customer service can be the most critical differentiator for your organization. If offered on customers' terms, delightful service can win you their loyalty and drive higher revenues via repeat business. IT leaders have been instrumental in bridging the gap between customer expectations and service outcomes by infusing new tech and ideas into legacy practices.  

In this session, we gather over a glass of wine to celebrate these successes and dive deep into them for insights on how IT leaders have leveraged technology to:

Create service experiences that build loyalty and drive revenue Eliminate the constraints of traditional channels, manual processes, and budgets Reduce service load and ensure the scalability of service


Angus Robertson

CMO, Chief Outsiders and Co-chair,


Jason Eberhardt

Global Vice President Cloud & MSP at Bitdefenderand Co-chair, CompTIA Advisory Board

Mukesh Mirchandani

VP of Global Field Solution Engineering, Freshworks