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Handling difficult conversations as a support agent

As someone on the support team, we all know that we’re here to help customers. But, what about certain situations when you can’t? A feature that’s not going to be built, an outage or a bug. There is sometimes no way to prevent a mishap from happening. However, you can be better prepared for a potential mishap with these tips that we’ve collected over the years. These tips can help you handle difficult conversations with customers better. We’ll also be offering bonus tips on how to steer difficult conversations with your team because it’s a happy agent that makes a happy customer!

In this webinar, you will hear our Support Lead, Bhargavi, speak about:


Bharghavi KKA

Regional Support Lead, Freshworks

With over 6 years of support experience, Bharghavi is passionate about going above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service. Her strong leadership qualities help her manage the team to work efficiently and in harmony. She also takes care of training the new members in the team many of whom are first timers in customer support.

Akshara Sruthi G

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks

Akshara is invested in building Freshdesk’s online community by engaging with other people who love support. She handles Freshdesk’s social media account and also participates in other communities. She will be hosting this webinar. If you have any questions about this webinar, you can reach out to her at akshara.sruthi@freshworks.com

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