The first ten years of social customer care


The advent of social customer care ten years ago signaled a shift in the way customer service could be provided. Traditional methods of service delivery were challenged by a type of service experience that was immediate and empathetic.

In this webinar you will learn about some of the key events, players and changes that have taken place since the first social customer care Tweet was sent by Frank Eliason, as @ComcastCares, in April 2008. You will also hear about the challenges social customer care is facing today, as well as consider what the future holds, in particular with the emergence of messaging over the last eighteen months or so.

Here’s what Guy Stephens spoke in the webinar

Speakers in this webinar

Guy Stephens

Guy Stephens
Co-founder, Snak Academy

Guy Stephens is the founder of the largest LinkedIn group on social customer care, The Social Customer Care Community. He has been part of the social customer care scene since 2008 when he set it up at The Carphone Warehouse. He is recognized as a thought leader on social customer care and he has published a retrospective look at the first five years of social customer care.  

Akshara Sruthi G
Akshara Sruthi G

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks

Akshara is invested in building Freshdesk’s online community by engaging with other people who love customer support. She handles Freshdesk’s social media accounts and also participates in other communities. She will be hosting this webinar. If you have any questions about this webinar, you can reach out to her at

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