Improve self service experience for your customers

Self Service portal can be an effective partner to your support team only if it is built in the right manner. Ideally your Self Service portal should enable you to deflect tickets and help your customers to easily navigate through your portal and find what they are looking for. It should also help your support agents refer to support articles easily so that they can suggest and resolve customer queries across topics with ease.

At Freshdesk we wanted to achieve something similar so we revamped our support portal to boost team efficiency and improve our customer experience.

Last summer, Freshdesk went through a extensive UI revamp. As soon as we started, we realized that we had a herculean task ahead of us. Our knowledge base had acquired a fair amount of debt, with a lot of things on our we'll-get-to-it-later list. We didn’t anticipate it when we first started creating our knowledge base. This meant that all the articles we wrote over the last 7 years had to be re-organized, rewritten, or re-published. However, with careful planning, our team completely revamped the entire knowledge base of 427 articles in just 60 days.

In this session, we’ll be sharing with you our future-proof plan on how to update and organize your knowledge base to best serve your team and your customers.

In this 30 minute session with Sheen, we will look at:

Speakers in this webinar

Sheen Adrian

Customer Engagement Lead, Freshworks


Sheen is the Lead of Customer Engagement for the Freshdesk Marketing team. On a daily basis he runs campaigns and manages the Kbase to educate and engage customers to use and adopt the product better. You can catch him on the Freshdesk blog and webinars from time to time if you have any questions for him.

kiran pius
Kiran Pius

Product Marketer, Freshworks


Kiran is a Product Marketer on the Freshdesk team. On a daily basis, he takes care of campaigns across geographies and also is a video marketing specialist. He will act as a moderator during this webinar.

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