Richard Kalnins

VP of Strategic Accounts - Unbabel


Based in New York City, Richard is the VP Strategic Accounts at Unbabel where he helps global companies solve the complexities of multilingual communication. He also works with Unbabel's enterprise customers to help optimize their global CS operations and gain operational flexibility by eliminating language as a barrier to growth. Prior to Unbabel, he spent over a decade in the EU working in the translation and localization industry, including extensive work helping the European Commission build language technology infrastructures. Loves language, literature, and long walks in the city. Father of 3 sons.

Vinod Chandramouli

Global Head for Pre Sales & Marketplace - Freshworks


Vinod heads the global presales organization for Freshworks. He drives the A-team for technical solution delivery and sales engineering operations for our global projects. His experience showcases specialization in business development and strategy for connectivity technologies. And a technologist by passion, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge through consulting for solution design and service delivery for many major brands. Regularly working with various startups and enterprises, he enables solving business problems through the right internet strategy.

Why should multilingual be part of your globalization strategy?

Businesses recognize the need to provide excellent customer service to their customers worldwide, and language is a big part of that. Especially global companies who wish to create positive customer experiences and earn the trust of customers in non-English speaking countries, as that of their English speaking clientele.

How can companies get ahead with multilingual support

For businesses interacting with global customers’ multilingual service may mean localized self-serve options and product localization. Translation of important customer communications on your customer support software is critical for companies focused on providing great customer experience. Remote and onsite interpreter investments may turn out to be expensive, complex and time-consuming and therefore a hindrance to providing positive customer experience.

Businesses with a significant presence in a specific market, are most likely to build a regional support team of native speakers. Hiring and training agents requires considerable investment and is usually not feasible when entering a new market. As the business grows, a smart and scalable move would be to consider a translation integration with your ticketing system.

Join us on this webinar, as we discuss market trends and experiences of the positive business impact multilingual customer support can bring to your customer service and customer experience strategy. Get a sneak-peek into how your industry peers are leveraging technology to stay profitable.