Leverage data to gather predictive insights

Data plays an important role when it comes to improving customer support. Yet, only a very few brands manage to use data to their advantage. Most of them either don’t know where to start or don’t realize that they are sitting on a gold mine. Watch the recording of this webinar as Mary Poppen talks about how support managers can learn how to look for data patterns, derive meaningful insights, communicate back to customers about what you’ve done with their feedback. 

Here’s the agenda of the webinar:

Presenters in this webinar

Mary Poppen

Chief Customer Officer, Glint

Mary has over 20 years of experience in customer success, business consulting and executive leadership experience. She is a well-recognized customer experience thought leader, board advisor, and an executive coach.

Praveen Ramesh

Community & Outreach Manager, Freshworks

Praveen Ramesh runs campaigns for increasing brand awareness. You can see him in the Freshworks blogs, and vlogs from time to time. When not thinking about marketing or service desk adoption, he supports Liverpool.