Forrester & Freshworks: Optimizing customer service for higher customer engagement and revenue.

Excellent customer service and memorable experiences are often-overlooked drivers of business growth. The key to delivering these experiences? Technology-powered customer interactions, personalized CX, accessibility, and ease of use. In this discussion, Freshworks executive Arun Mani and Forrester analyst Kate Leggett speak about how omnichannel CX strategies improve customer engagement, and consequently, top-line revenue.

arun mani arun mani
Arun Mani

President, Freshworks

kate leggett kate leggett
Kate Leggett

VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester

What's in this discussion

  • Post-pandemic customer expectations are different: By the numbers
  • What constitutes a ‘great customer experience’?
  • The agent vs. the technologically-empowered agent
  • Why self-service and automation are critical pieces in the customer service puzzle
  • The revenue impact of customer service: Quantified