Enhance customer experience with sales and support alignment

The value of aligning sales and support

Sales and Support are two of the most essential teams in any business. Without your sales team, you can’t get more customers. And without your support team, you can’t retain those customers. Both teams have a common goal — keeping customers happy. Most often, the information sought by the two teams are siloed and their operations are entirely disconnected from one another. This disconnect can quickly lead to problems like managing customer expectations, helping customers get more value for their investment, and so on.

Watch the recording of this session where we talk about how the two teams can stay in sync. What we mean by “in sync” is - sharing information and being visible to each other. By picking up where the other leaves off, so customers feel that your business has a single tone.

Here’s what we discussed in the webinar:

Presenters in this webinar

nivas profile image nivas profile image
Nivas Ravichandran

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks

sheen sheen
Sheen Adrian

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks