Harness support data right within Freshdesk

Did you know that just 22% of support managers succeed in translating data into actionable insights? We’ve introduced Freshdesk Analytics so that Admins and Supervisors like you have access to a goldmine of information about your helpdesk. It’s time you start exploring and become an Analytics pro! You can now keep a close watch over support KPIs, identify gaps, and spot bottlenecks before they slip through the cracks. 

With Freshdesk Analytics, you can build a data-driven support culture with minimal effort. In this recording, we’ll help you derive insights from your helpdesk using Freshdesk Analytics. 

What you can find in this recording?

Presenters in this webinar

swaathi swaathi
Swaathishree Sridhar

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks

avaneesh pic avaneesh pic
Avaneesh Rajkumar

Senior Product Manager, Freshworks