How to make your support more predictive

Every time your customers face an issue, they contact your support team through multiple channels. Your support agents then troubleshoot the problem and offer a solution. What if your agents could address the concerns of your customers even before the problems arose?

Imagine what an uninterrupted, and seamless experience customers would have. This could be a phone call to alert outages, updates to your product/website’s knowledge base, or offer assistance in advance when there are rage clicks, dead clicks, thrashed cursors.

So, how can teams predict issues which customers might face?  Watch the recording of this webinar where we discuss about how you can spot frustrated customers early and deliver moments of delight to them at the right time.

Here’s the agenda of the webinar:

Presenters in this webinar

Akshara Sruthi G

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks

Akshara is invested in building Freshdesk’s online community by engaging with other people who love customer support. She handles Freshdesk’s social media and also participates in other communities. She will be hosting this webinar

Janaki Nori

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks

Janaki is the product marketing manager for the Freshmarketer team. She is invested in increasing product awareness and feature adoption for Freshmarketer. She also runs campaigns and writes blogs on conversion rate optimization.