Your Customer Experience needs Omnichannel Support

Businesses nowadays offer a lot more channels to support their customers, juggling between different channels becomes a challenge for a lot of companies Omnichannel Support provides a smoother customer experience, reduces time to resolve customer issues, and increases customer loyalty and retention.  This webinar will focus on how you can implement this Omnichannel support within your support organization, and the values you can expect to see.  

Here’s the agenda of the webinar

- What is omnichannel support?

- Implementing omnichannel support

- Areas to focus on when implementing

- Metrics: What is the actual value?

- A live Q&A with Craig Stoss

Presenters in this webinar

Craig Stoss

Support Manager, Bonfire

Craig has over 20+ years of experience in customer facing roles and has worked with customers in 30+ countries. His career has involved leading and consulting support and engineering teams. Craig is known to build collaborative environments in an organization. Craig is always up for an interesting conversation about customer support. 

Akshara Sruthi G

Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks

Akshara is invested in building Freshdesk’s online community by engaging with other people who love customer support. She handles Freshdesk’s social media and also participates in other communities. She will be hosting this webinar.