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The power of customer support data to drive executive product decisions

In this webinar, John Daigle, Head of Customer Support for Rediker, a leading provider of integrated school management systems, will explain how Rediker uses Freshdesk and CxMOMENTS to analyze their customer support conversations and drive critical executive product decisions.

Customer support data is underutilized in many organizations. It holds hidden insights into how customers actually engage with your products and services. As a part of this webinar, you will learn how you can find patterns in data to help you become the voice of your customer.

This webinar will be hosted by Emmanuel from #CxMOMENTS and Murali from Freshworks.

In this 30 minute session, we will look at:

Speakers in this webinar

emmanuel doubinsky emmanuel doubinsky
Emmanuel Doubinsky

CEO, CX Moments

Emmanuel is the CEO of CX Moments, and brings great expertise in using AI to help Customer Service Managers trend and prioritize customer issues for escalation or self-service

john daigle john daigle
John Daigle

Head of Technical Support Operations, Rediker

John leads a team of support representatives providing round the clock coverage via multiple channels and is responsible for 63% reduction in overall wait times while improving Overall Customer Satisfaction to 91%

murali sadagopan murali sadagopan
Murali Satagopan

Marketing Manager, Freshworks Marketplace

Murali is the Marketing Manager at Freshworks and is on the path to build a thriving ecosystem of ISVs, System Integrators and Developers who can build apps and innovate on the Freshworks platform

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