What should you keep track of?

As your support team grows, some key metrics will help you determine if you are going in the right direction

In this webinar, we cover:

This webinar will be useful to anyone working in support, so make sure to share it with your whole team!

Speakers in this webinar

Sudha Padmanabhan
Sudha Padmanabhan

Product Manager, Freshdesk

Sudha has been at Freshdesk for more than a year and owns the reporting and analytics part of the product. Using technology to better people’s lives is one of her passions, and she works towards that goal through the products that she builds.

Madhu Medha J
Madhu Medha J

Technical Account Manager, Freshworks

Seasoned product expert has a broad experience in customer support with her last 3 years at Freshdesk. Madhu on a daily basis tackles all forms of helpdesk queries and issues. As a Freshdesk Consultant, she brings strong experience, implementing customized helpdesk solutions for customers around the globe.

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